Corey Flowers

Voice-Over Talent

A Little About Me

Growing up with my dad doing Stand Up comedy

I really looked up to him and always got the biggest kick out of

hearing his impressions. He was funny (still is) and made me laugh

and I wanted to do that for other people more than anything.

I’ve been stretching my voice for entertainment since I was nine

years old trying to create fake interview shows with fake guests

on my first handheld voice recorder. It was one of those Talkboy

Home Alone recorders, if you can remember those…


My need to use my voice to entertain people was what led me into every Drama class (several of which were more like improv classes) of every school year I attended and its what drives me now into Voice Acting.

Sticking to bad decisions

One day when I was taking the Greyhound from Arizona to Washington and was flexing my accents by channeling my inner Irishman to this friendly Frenchman sitting next to me. As far as he knew, I was fresh out of Dublin.

It was only supposed to be for a couple hours until we switched buses, but as fate would have it… all three bus changes I made… there he was. And he found nothing more exciting than talking to his new Irish buddy. Well, I couldnt just fade out of the accent and I didnt want to let on what a weirdo I was by just telling him that it was an act the whole time. So, my only option was to keep the voice up for the entire six hours we sat next to each other.

My voice was so strained after that that I gave up doing Irish accents for a couple months.

Ahhh… that new website smell

Hey friends! Ive just unwrapped my new site so be patient for content!

Soon I will be attaching audio files so you can see what kind of a weirdo

I really am.


Love ya, thanks for stopping by!